What is Bitcoin ONE?

• Bitcoin ONE is a community-driven and decentralized project.

• We are a POS and Masternode-coin.

• Further we are a privacy coin, so you can send anonymous transactions.

• We are working on building projects with a use-case.

• That be wallets and products that can bring value to our project.

• We are working on products that can be used in E-commerce.

• The devs behind Bitcoin ONE are also working for Bitcoin Turbo Koin.

• So we have a good team of coders, that can do pretty much anything.


How Much is Needed to Run a Masternode?

• 10,000 BTCONE is needed to run a masternode.

• This is called the collateral.

• For each masternode you run, will you get rewards.

• In that way you are helping our network and making it more secure

• People that run a Bitcoin ONE Masternode are getting 30 BTCONE

  per block reward and the ROI is very good.

How do i Setup my Masternode

1. First you download our Wallets, see link here on the site

How Old is Bitcoin ONE?

• Bitcoin ONE started out as an ERC20 token in 2017.

• After that we wanted to try something else and shifted to being a coin in 2019.

2. Then you find a masternode hosting provider


• When you go to these sites it is saying what to do.

3. If you want to run it on your own, can you run it on a VPS

   which cost from 2-5 $ each month.


• If you have further questions then contact us on Telegram

• for more support and info:

Digital Ocean VPS

• We recommend Vultr VPS or

• It can be Hashosting


What is the Ticker?

• Bitcoin ONE is in short called BTCONE.

• BTCONE is called the ticker.

• It is the same as Bitcoin is called BTC, Litecoin is called LTC and such.

What Are You Working On?

Please watch our Roadmap or Whitepaper on this site for more info.

Go here for support

Proof Of Stake And How Do i Earn Rewards?

• Proof of Stake which in short is called for POS, means that you get rewards

  for having your wallet online and staking and in that way helping our

  network and making it more secure.

• Each person that has his wallet online receive a stake-reward.

• Our current stake-reward is 20 BTCONE.

• We do also have a co-work with Simple POS POOL, where you can transfer

  your coins and then will they stake automatic.

• See more here:

• Simple POS POOL

Can i Join your team

• We have a team of around 20 people helping us in their spare time.

• You are welcome to contact us on Telegram if you are interested in joining us.

• Contact us here